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Noble honored by Washoe County Medical Society



Larry M. Noble, M.D., F.A.C.C, chairman of the board of Renown Institute for Heart & Vascular Health, was honored by the Washoe County Medical Society (WCMS) with the C.H. Woods Award at the 2012 Annual Presidential Inaugural Dinner & Awards Ceremony, Saturday, Jan. 21.

The WCMS instituted the C.H. Woods Award in 1992. The award was named after the first president of the WCMS, which was established in 1907, and is bestowed annually. The award recognizes physicians who best demonstrate the art of medicine and who have the magic touch when it comes to caring for patients. The recipient of the C.H. Woods award comes from nominations from their peers.

Past recipients have included the following individuals:

  • Noah Smernoff, M.D. 1992 Family Practice
  • Donald Mousel, M.D. 1993 Ophthalmology
  • Roger Miercort, M.D. 1994 Radiation Oncology
  • James Atcheson, M.D. 1995 Endocrinology
  • Fred Elliott, M.D. 1996 Cardiology
  • John G. Scott, Jr., M.D. 1997 Urology
  • Robert Myles, M.D 1998 Pulmonary Medicine
  • Laurence McClish, M.D. 1999 Orthopedic Surgery
  • Jerry Zebrack, M.D. 2000 Cardiology
  • Francine Mannix, M.D. 2001 Pediatrics
  • Edwin Cantion, M.D. 2002 General Surgery/Gynecology
  • Ricky McElreath, M.D. 2002 General Surgery
  • William Morgan, M.D. 2003 General/Pediatric Surgery
  • John Williamson, M.D. 2004 Cardiology
  • David Diedrichsen, M.D. 2005 Internal Medicine
  • Thomas W. Brady, M.D. 2006 Urology
  • William N. Dawson, M.D. 2007 Neurosurgery
  • Susan S. Buchwald, M.D. 2008 General/Pediatric Surgery
  • Fredric M. Boyden, M.D. 2009 Diagnostic Radiology
  • Theodore B. Berndt, M.D. 2010 Cardiology
  • Wesley W. Hall, Sr., M.D. 2011 General/Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Larry M. Noble, M.D. 2012 Cardiology

Dr. Noble attended undergraduate school at the University of Nevada, Reno, and medical school at the University of California, Los Angeles, graduating in 1975. He completed his Internal Medicine Internship and Medical Residency at UCLA finishing his training and Board Certification in 1978. Dr. Noble also completed his fellowship in Cardiology at UCLA in 1980 and became Board Certified in Cardiology in 1981. He has been a part of Reno Heart Physicians since 1984 and is currently serving as chairman of the board of Renown Institute for Heart & Vascular Health.

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