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Curb System is working diligently to remove “initial bugs” from parking kiosks in downtown Reno



During a presentation on parking kiosks before the Reno City Council, Secure Storage Technologies (dba Curb System) founder Kane Dutt told the Council he expects to have all initial problems with the parking kiosks resolved when the project is completed by the end of February.

The City approved a pilot program for the automated parking kiosks in October 2010. The kiosks, which use state-of-the-art technology, are about 85% completed and cover 950 parking spaces downtown. Curb System has successfully processed more than 110,000 transactions to date.

Initial challenges with the kiosks have involved electrical power and communication. After complaints to the City about the new parking meters, Curb System participated in a week-long workshop with City staff to jointly devise methods to make the kiosks more user-friendly. Curb System is in the process of updating software to make it easier for patrons to use the parking meters.

Positive aspects about the new parking kiosks include the ability to pay with a credit card, or computer, to pay to park from any kiosk meter, and to get a text reminder when the meter is running out of money.

The City chose Secure Storage Technologies, LLC as a way to privatize the parking meters. The company is doing all the installation, maintenance and collection of parking fees with no cost to the City of Reno.

Curb System of Reno intends to fully eliminate the kinks initially experienced with this innovative system through its final implementation phase over the next several weeks.  Curb plans to market its cutting edge parking system nationwide while maintaining its headquarters in Reno. This will likely mean increased manufacturing and additional high-wage jobs for Reno residents.

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