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OPINION: Top 10 business-to-business PR tips for 2012


Submitted by Christel K. Hall, APR CBC

1 – Do remember that actions speak louder than words. After the most recent Herman Cain and Penn State crisis communications news, need we say more?

2 – Do get into how mobile messaging can work in your business, if you aren’t already there. It’s where technology will continue to move.

3 – Do maintain at least a semi-annual face-to-face with your top customers, even if you’re on email with them every day.

4 – Do use the search features of Twitter to find new, targeted prospects for your products and services…but don’t spam them. Follow and get to know them, then look for the right opportunity to start a relevant conversation.

5 – Do join at least 1-3 targeted industry forums on Linked In. It’s the top social network for B2B.

6 – Don’t forget to consider and ask yourself “is this the right tool, to the right audience, at the right time?” before you send out your message, letter, news release, video, photo.

7 – Don’t forget: If a press release is the right tool (and that’s another whole article), is it maximized for audio/visual options and search engine optimization?

8 – Don’t forget to offer a tailored, exclusive story or article to one of your top three media channels when it makes sense, as opposed to mass mailing the news. That channel will appreciate it.

9 – Don’t push for quantity coverage that pampers your ego. Give attention and time to quality results that are targeted, timely and relevant.

10 – Don’t treat your PR employee or agency as a ‘quick-fix’ service. For the best PR results, confide in them, trust them and treat them as you would a trusted partner, or find someone you trust.

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