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Reno-represented picture book gets on Animal Planet website

By ThisIsReno


Curious Critters, a beautiful picture book for children which is distributed by Reno-based Beagle Bay, Inc is currently featured on Animal Planet’s front page both as a story and a slideshow.

This adorable book features 21 animals one can find in the nation’s backyards – but filmed against a white background, your eye is drawn to the beautiful detail of each critter. The author/photographer David FitzSimmons “interviewed” each animal, and a vignette accompanies each picture.

Praised by Scientific American’s blog and the recipient of a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award (Silver), the book is available in stores and on Amazon.com.

About David FitzSimmons
Mr. FitzSimmons is a college professor and freelance photographer using Sigma Pro equipment. His work has been featured in many calendars, as well as featured as stand-alone exhibits.

About Beagle Bay, Inc.
Beagle Bay is a Reno-based national distributor of quality small press books. Their focus is on books that somehow bring better focus on a subject through a unique interpretation that can only be indulged in by small presses.

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