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Premier Care at Renown: A concierge medicine program



The Premier Care Program at Renown Medical Group recently introduced a new healthcare model that will offer patients greater access to their primary physician beyond traditional scheduled office visits. The program is based on a national model and is made possible through a reduced practice size.

Most doctors have 2,000-2,500 patients (averaging more than 400 in-office visits each month), making it difficult for doctors to spend much time with patients during office visits. A larger practice can also impact the timeliness and duration of a patient’s in-office appointment.

A recent CNN Money article reported on this issue and the national trend of “concierge medicine,” which has developed out of patients’ demand for greater access to their primary care physician.

“It’s easy to see the appeal in so-called concierge medicine — where you pay an annual retainer fee (on top of standard treatment charges) to join a network of primary-care physicians who offer premium services such as shorter waits, longer visits and a quick response via phone or e-mail.”

Local Solution. Renown Medical Group’s Bryan Young, M.D., is one of the first doctors in northern Nevada to implement a form of concierge medicine called Premier Care. This shift is a response to many of his patients’ requests for greater and more convenient access. Dr. Young previously saw 2,100 patients, but plans to reduce his patient base to less than 600 (nearly 70 percent) by next year. Since Oct. 21, Dr. Young has seen more than 200 patients enroll in Premier Care.

“I believe medical care is a collaborative effort between doctor and patient,” Dr. Young said. “My role as a physician is to empower and educate my patients and help them to make informed decisions about their health and well being.” A smaller patient base will enable Dr. Young to continue this role while meeting the needs of those patients who desire greater access and convenience in their healthcare.

How is it different? Renown Medical Group offers same or next day appointments with your doctor if he’s available or another doctor in the group if he’s not. In contrast, the Premier Care program offers greater access to YOUR primary care physician 24/7 which includes weekends. Dr. Young’s patients who chose not to join Premier Care (monthly membership fees of either $35 or $55) are offered referral services to other primary care physicians within Renown’s Medical Group consisting of 80 providers and 16 locations for primary care. Former patients of Dr. Young who were not interested in joining Premier Care have been and are being assisted to select another provider of their choice.

National Trend. As noted in the CNN article, this is a national trend, and Renown Medical Group is leading the way in this effort here in Nevada, said Larry Trilops, vice president of ambulatory services at Renown Health.

“Patients are requesting enhanced access and expanded personalized care,” he said. “A typical primary care physician is able to spend time with patients and work with them to address their health concerns in the traditional setting. With a reduced patient base, Premier Care physicians can continue to focus on providing personal attention and also meet access needs of busy patients.”

Premier Care Benefits include:

Convenient same or next day appointments with YOUR Premier Care physician with little to no waiting guaranteed

Online communication directly with your physician, regarding scheduled appointments, sick visits or general medical advice, with a response within 24 hours, seven days per week

  • Longer in office appointments
  • Coordination of your care with other physicians or specialists
  • Personal introduction to the online communication process with your doctor
  • Proxy access and on line communication regarding your Premier Care family members’ medical care
  • Access to all of the resources of Renown Health’s Integrated Health Network
  • A smaller, low patient volume practice

Dr. Young is board certified in internal medicine. He received his medical degree from the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine and completed his residency at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

For more information about Premier Care, please visit renown.org/premiercare, or call 775-982-8256.

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