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Herman Cain wins Citizen Outreach straw poll


SUBMITTED NEWS RELEASE Today, Herman Cain won a straw poll conducted by Citizen Outreach at the Western Republican Leadership Conference. The conference, which had been the site of the CNN GOP presidential debate on Tuesday, brought together conservatives from throughout the western states.

The Citizen Outreach straw poll, which had 552 participants, was conducted over the course of the three days after the debate.

The Results:

Michele Bachmann: 1.09%

Herman Cain: 30.8%

Newt Gingrich: 20.29%

Jon Huntsman: .36%

Gary Johnson: 0

Ron Paul: 9.78%

Rick Perry: 3.62%

Mitt Romney: 28.99%

Rick Santorum:1.09%

Undecided: 1.81%

None of the Above: .36%

Citizen Outreach’s David Mansdoerfer, who oversaw the straw poll, stated. “The results at the top aren’t surprising. Herman Cain has spent a lot of time in Nevada and it shows. You can see people reacting to his message about the economy and job creation”

Mitt Romney, who came in second, might have increased his standing after a strong showing at the debate. Mansdoerfer noted, “Republicans see Romney as the candidate who can beat Obama. At this point, it looks like Romney and Cain are the two to beat in Nevada.”

One other note, Newt Gingrich finished in a strong third place with 20.29%. Ron Paul, who came in 4th, finished significantly higher than Rick Perry, who came in 5th. Haley Barbour, who is key note speaking at the Reagan Centennial Celebration Dinner, finished with 1.81% above Bachmann, Santorum and Huntsman as a write in candidate.

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