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Taylorsville, Utah, proclaims Oct. 25 as ‘Rajan Zed Day’



Taylorsville, Utah’s “Centennial City,” has proclaimed Oct. 25, 2011, as “Rajan Zed Day,” recognizing Reno-based Hindu statesman Zed’s work in interfaith dialogue, Hinduism, European Roma (Gypsies) and more.

The proclamation, signed by Taylorsville Mayor Russ Wall, says: “Mayor of the City of Taylorsville, on behalf of the 60,000 citizens of Taylorsville, Utah; proclaim our gratitude and commendation for Zed’s leadership roles in attempting to help the helpless by declaring October 25, 2011 as Rajan Zed Day.”

It mentions: “efforts of Rajan Zed have brought various religious communities together throughout world so that they can live in peace and mutual trust to enrich themselves through dialogue,” “Rajan Zed’s work to reach nearly 15-million Roma (Gypsies) people of Europe by speaking out against their maltreatment, issues and concerns has influenced other religious leaders to do the same.”

Hartford, the capital city of Connecticut, has already proclaimed Oct. 25, 2011, as “Rajan Zed Day” in the recent past in recognition of Zed’s works in various areas.

Zed, who is the president of Universal Society of Hinduism, read the reported first Hindu invocation at Taylorsville City Council on July 6 from ancient Hindu scriptures—Rig-Veda, Upanishads and Bhagavad-Gita—in Sanskrit followed by English translation.

Zed is a religious statesman who has taken up interfaith, Hinduism, religion, environment, Roma and other causes all over the world. He has read opening prayers in the U.S. Senate, various state senates and houses of representatives, and counties and city councils all over the country. He was invited by the president of the European Parliament in Brussels for a meeting to promote interfaith dialogue.

He is a panelist for “On Faith,” a prestigious interactive conversation on religion produced by The Washington Post. He is bestowed with “World Interfaith Leader Award” and is a senior fellow and religious advisor to New York-headquartered Foundation for Interreligious Diplomacy, director of interfaith relations of the Nevada Clergy Association, spiritual advisor to the National Association of Interchurch & Interfaith Families, and more.

Oct. 25 is Zed’s birthday.

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