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Reno Fire Marshal discourages the use of exploding rifle targets.


Reno Fire Marshal Joan Presley says exploding rifle targets have started several fires in this area in the past six weeks. She is warning residents to avoid using the exploding targets while fire conditions are critical this Labor Day weekend. “The exploding targets are dangerous because when you mix the packet into the target and shoot it with a high powered rifle, it detonates.  Although the detonation is a pressure wave explosion which cools immediately, area conditions – low humidity and low moisture content of vegetation – are such that it doesn’t take much to spark a brushfire” says Presley.
The reactive targets, “Star Targets”, are sold locally. They only cause an explosion when they are shot with a high powered rifle.
The Truckee Meadows is in a high fire danger. “By the end of the summer everything is very dry and the area tends to get very windy, which can lead to critical fire conditions.” says Presley. She warns residents to be careful with anything that can start a spark in the outdoors.
Presley also notes that, “If someone accidentally starts a fire they should immediately call 911. Suppression costs are not charged for accidental fire starts,” says Presley.
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