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County Commission canvasses 2011 special election



At its regular meeting today, the Washoe County Commission canvassed the 2011 special election results based on the independent Election Certification Board report that validated the election process and its results.

In presenting the audit conducted by the Election Certification Board, Washoe County Registrar Dan Burk noted that by state law the board must audit 2 percent of the total number of paper trail printed on the Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail system. The Election Certification Board found a perfect match (i.e., no errors) between votes cast and their audit of those votes.

Burk noted that 37,791 (54 percent) of the voters did so during the early voting period and there were 70,494 total votes cast, for a 32.73 percent voter turn-out, overall. He also noted an 87.5 percent return rate of the 5,799 absentee ballots requested. Specifically, Burk said that all military-requested absentee ballots had been mailed out 45 days prior to the election and that any member of the military who did not get his or her absentee ballot turned in on time due to postponed mail delivery was able to vote via email thereby ensuring that any military member who wanted to vote could.

The County Commission praised Burk and his permanent staff of four members on a successful election. County departments who supported election efforts (including the 39 county employees who served as polling place managers) as well as the 461 poll workers were also recognized for their contribution to the successful election.

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