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Clinical trial company to offer FDA-approved clinical trials in Reno



Reno Clinical Trials Medical Group, a premier research center dedicated to conducting clinical trials, announced today the upcoming launch of their Reno Sparks medical facility, scheduled to open on August 1st, 2011.

The research facility to be opened will serve as its headquarters for research and – – in the area and is equipped with modern technologies for modern methodologies. The opening of their Reno testing center supports the company’s mission to offer novel tests for industries, as well as to provide Reno Sparks residents community access to free health assessments, new medicines and new treatment methods.

Reno Clinical Trials has a line-up of both internal clinical trials and accompanying diagnostic tests that have been developed in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to ensure optimum results. Clinical trials offered by RCT are standardized, certified and approved by the FDA before made available to the public.

Reno Clinical Trials Medical Group is the only privately dedicated clinical trials research center in Northern Nevada. The main thrust of RCT’s operations is on clinical trials for new medical treatments for conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, diabetes, hypertension, gout, pain management, Alzheimer’s, smoking cessation, and other related studies. The pride of the professional physicians that are board-certified in the fields of Internal Medicine, Podiatry and Psychiatry. More importantly, the breadth of knowledge and experience their professional staff of physicians, experts and research coordinators is that which provides for excellent service to clients and patients alike.

Rachel Higgs, RCT Director says in her statement, “We are very happy to provide services that can offer the Reno Sparks community 100% free access to the newest and most advanced medical treatment methods that, when fully implemented as a healthcare procedure, would otherwise cost them hundreds to thousands of dollars. Experienced doctors, nurses and health practitioners give our patients close supervision to provide for the utmost service and care, during the trials. Our patients will also take heart in knowing that their participation is assisting the most innovative doctors and scientist in the advancement of medicine for their generation and generations to follow. ”

Reno Clinical Trials has also announced the upcoming launch of their website, through which patients can sign up in for future notifications of clinical trials. Ms. Higgs explains, “With the opening of our website, Reno Sparks will now have even easier access to free health assessment and have the chance to try the newest treatment methods that may put an end to their medical conditions. These clinical trials include free access to therapeutic drugs, medical examinations, as well as treatment methods, some of which are not even available yet elsewhere in the world.”

She adds, “I highly encourage the Reno Sparks community to take advantage of this rare opportunity by joining us as we explore possibilities in medicine and make healthcare better for everyone. Patients’ participation can directly influence delivery of healthcare on both national and international levels. Apart from access to free medical care and making a difference in healthcare, some clinical trials do provide monetary compensation as well.”

RCT invites experienced doctors ranging from internal medicine, psychiatry, podiatry and dermatology, as well as experienced nurse practitioners to join the team should they have an interest to share in this dynamic community endeavor.

Patients interested to participate in clinical trials by RCT can sign up NOW through their patient registration website at www.RCTPatients.com. By providing their contact information, patients will be notified of upcoming trials and contacted if they fit the criteria necessary. More information about clinical trials is also available in their official website (www.renoclinicaltrials.com). Reno Clinical Trials invites everyone, with – existing medical conditions, to participate in the upcoming clinical tests to be conducted in the area soon.

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