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Angle joins “Reclaiming America Tour”

By ThisIsReno


Tea Party activist Sharron Angle is scheduled to journey on the upcoming coast to coast “Reclaiming America Tour” hosted by Tea Party Express.

Stops are scheduled in 30 cities. The tour, lasting 17 days, begins August 27 in Napa, Calif., and will travel through early primary states, culminating September 12 in Tampa, Flor., for the Tea Party Republican Presidential Debate presented by CNN and Tea Party Express.

Angle will deliver speeches along the way and is scheduled to attend the Tea Party Republican Presidential Debate as an observer. GOP candidates will be asked questions that are relevant to the tea party movement.

“This debate is significant because the presidential hopefuls will be responding to questions that pertain to fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited government,” Angle said. “The fact that we are having this debate validates the magnitude of the impact that the tea party is having in the political movement.”

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