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Tour De Nez handcyclinsts visit Renown Rehabilitation Hospital



WHAT:             Tour de Nez handcyclists will visit with Renown Rehabilitation Hospital patients as part of a partnership with the City of Reno’s Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department. Athletes will spend time with patients sharing how they got into the sport and demonstrating some of the handcycles that are available for rental through the City of Reno’s Adaptive Equipment Rental Program. Spinal cord injury patients from the Veteran’s Hospital and children from Vacation Station, the City of Reno’s day camp, will also be present.

WHEN:             Friday, July 29, 2011 from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

DETAILS:         Since 2006, some of the strongest athletes at the Tour de Nez have cycled on three wheels and pedaled their bikes with race-hardened arms. As the Tour de Nez has grown popular for its time trials and fast-paced circuit races, some of the top handcyclists in the nation have been in the thick of the competition.  As a stop on the U.S. Handcycling Federation’s national racing series, the two races from July 30-31 in Cold Springs and Reno have integrated handcyclists into contests that include pro men, pro women and masters.

April Wolfe, therapeutic recreation specialist at the City of Reno, hopes the Tour’s visit to Renown Rehabilitation Hospital will help inspire patients who may have incurred an injury.

“Handcycling is a great option for people to get active again and become a part of a larger community of athletes who enjoy the sport,” she said.

WHERE:           RenownRehabilitation Hospital, 1495 Mill Street.

VISUALS:         Tour de Nez athletes demonstrating the City of Reno’s handcycles to patients. April Wolfe and Renown Rehabilitation Hospital patients and therapists will be available for interviews.

CONTACT:       All media must be escorted on hospital property. To ensure uninterrupted access to the event, contact Dan Davis, Public Relations Business Partner at (775) 691-7308, [email protected].

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