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Don’t play with fire



In the last month, the Reno Fire Department has had 11 fires that were started by juveniles.

“The safety of our fellow citizens, community, and firefighters depends upon each parent taking responsibility for knowing where their child is and what their child is doing,” advises Fire Marshal Joan Presley.

The Reno Fire Department would like to remind parents to supervise children to ensure they do not play with fire along with educating them on the dangers of fire. Matches and lighters should also be kept out of their reach.

Several of the fires have been started by children playing with fireworks.  All fireworks are prohibited throughout Washoe County including, but not limited to, non-detonating military devices such as large flares, certain propellants, specialty fireworks and larger devices used in public displays, firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, roman candles, sparklers, bottle rockets and similar materials that contain any explosive or combustible compound. National statistics show that most injuries from fireworks happen to children under the age of fifteen. The injuries are often traumatic and tend to involve either a limb or the eyes.

The Reno Fire Department will take appropriate action upon determining that a fire has been started by a juvenile, up to and including charging the child with arson, which is a felony.  Parents can also be held responsible for suppression costs and/or civil suits as a result of their children’s actions.

For information about the Regional Youth Firesetter Intervention Program contact the Reno Fire Department at 334-2300 or contact your local fire department.

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