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County Recorder Kathy Burke receives NACRC award



MORRISVILLE, N.C. – The Linda S. Carter Award for Excellence in Government was presented to Washoe County Recorder Kathy Burke at the annual conference of the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks (NACRC) on July 16 in Portland, Ore.

The award was established by NACRC in 2000 and named for a vibrant and energetic member who was serving as NACRC’s second vice president at the time of her death on Aug. 28, 2000. People like Carter provide the strength of the organization; this award recognizes that type of service.

Burke is a proven leader at the local, state and national level. She is currently serving as NACRC’s first vice president and is chair of the Program Committee. She has been dedicated to NACRC for many years – providing leadership, generating ideas, fostering discussion and representing the association as a speaker at other industry conferences. Burke is also an active leader in two state organizations and is engaged in a variety of organizations within her community.

Having worked in the county recorder’s office since 1985, Burke was elected as county recorder in 1998. She is always looking for ways to improve the functionality of the office and utilizes ingenuity, technology and determination to bolster work quality and enhance customer service. Since Burke was elected, her office operations have changed drastically – moving from hand-stamping all documents to offering data and images to the public on the Internet and now more than half of all recordings are accomplished electronically.

Burke interacts daily with staff, members of the public and professional associates. She has been said to lead by example, arriving early each day at work and being one of the last to leave at the end of the day. Carol Foglesong, NACRC president, said, “Kathy is one of those busy people to whom you turn when something needs to get done right the first time and on time. Her professionalism, combined with her sense of humor, ensures that insights and knowledge are shared among the national community.”

About the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks (NACRC)
NACRC is a national association of elected and appointed county administrative officials. The association has approximately 560 members consisting of elected and appointed county officials and their staffs, as well as private companies providing county offices with products and services. NACRC is managed by IMI Association Executives, a Morrisville-based association management firm. For more information, visit www.nacrc.org.

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