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Sandoval statement on education legislation

By ThisIsReno


CARSON CITY – This morning, Gov. Brian Sandoval signed groundbreaking education legislation into law. After signing AB225, AB229, SB197 and SB212, Sandoval issued the following statement:

“I am proud to sign these groundbreaking education reform bills into law. Today, we have made great advancements on behalf of our schoolchildren. We have replaced traditional tenure with an evaluation system that allows for the removal of ineffective teachers from the classroom and dramatically alters the practice of using seniority as the only factor in school district lay-offs. Other factors including performance and effectiveness must now be included in teacher evaluations, as will student achievement data.

“In addition, for the first time in Nevada history, the governor now has the authority to appoint the state superintendent of public instruction and members of the newly constituted State Board of Education. The board will also have members appointed by legislative leaders, as well as four members elected by the people of Nevada. A new statewide entity will also have responsibility over our charter schools, ensuring more quality choices are available to parents and students.

“These are historic education reforms which will help improve the quality of Nevada’s education system.”

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