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Opinion: ObamaCare—Repeal it. Now.


By Greg Brower

We were told that this massive government overreach would bring down health care costs and reduce our national debt. We were also told to not worry about the details and that we would find out what was actually in the law after Congress passed it.

Well, now we know and it’s clear that ObamaCare isn’t what we were promised it would be.

A year after becoming law, we are seeing the real impact of ObamaCare. Health care costs in Nevada continue to rise, and this is only the beginning. For our seniors, the new law has cut half a trillion dollars from Medicare—not to extend Medicare’s program life, but to pay for the government mandates in ObamaCare. This law is proving to be so unworkable and expensive that private employers across the country are seeking immediate waivers from its implementation and more than half the states in the union are fighting its constitutionality in court—including Nevada.

This is a simple one folks—we must repeal ObamaCare now!

We can reduce the cost of health care, continue to allow patients to choose a health plan and doctor of their choice and stay on the cutting edge of health care research and innovation in the world without turning one-sixth of our economy over to the federal government. I support reforms that combat frivolous lawsuits, that allow people and employers to shop for health plans across state lines, that allow small businesses to band together to purchase health care and that encourage research companies to invest in the development of new lifesaving medicine here at home.

Nevadans know that what makes the American health care system the envy of the world is not government intrusion, but our spirit of excellence and innovation.

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