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Ebook shows couples how to stress proof their relationships


Relationship Advice Book Helps Stressed and Traumatized Couples Reduce Arguments, Achieve a Greater Sense of Peace, and Deal with Life’s Challenges


GARDNERVILLE — Stress can wreak havoc on a relationship, whether it’s the stress of extra hours at work, dealing with cranky, screaming kids, or coping with a major trauma such as a chronically ill or paralyzed spouse, the death of a child, bankruptcy or having your home destroyed in a flood, tornado, hurricane or fire. Often, it seems like it’s the relationship that’s gone bad, when in reality it’s not the relationship that’s the problem, it’s the external stress that acts like an intruder in your marriage or union.  This is the concept behind The Indestructible Relationship, a new book by Gardnerville, Nevada author Kimberly Pryor that helps couples cope with the stresses of life.

The Indestructible Relationship, http://indestructiblerelationship.com/, is a collection of real-life stories about couples who have gone through trauma or stress, such as the death of a child, wildfires, floods, cancer, miscarriages, chronic illness, infidelity, becoming paralyzed, bankruptcy and job stress. In the book, Pryor identifies 45 skills these couples use to make their relationships strong during or after trauma—skills you can use in your own relationship to prevent arguments, help your partner listen to you in an attentive way, and to help your relationship grow stronger over time.

Rachael, a mother whose child died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), had this to say about the book: “The Indestructible Relationship is a great concept for a book. After the death of our child, I found it was very helpful to talk with, or read about, others who had been through a similar experience. It is very reassuring to know much of what you go through is normal, although it certainly doesn’t feel like it at the time. I liked the use of interviews with couples in The Indestructible Relationship. It made the subject matter more real and kept it from being ‘dry instructional.’”

Steve Combs, a lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida, said, “As a lawyer and mediator who practices family law and has seen thousands upon thousands of relationships falling apart, I would recommend this book to any couple challenged by the adversities of life.”

“During and after a major crisis, the resulting stress can erode the foundation of relationships or it can cement couples together in an even tighter bond,” said Pryor.  “The Indestructible Relationship tells the story of resilient spouses who relied upon certain skills to not only cope with major crises, but also to grow stronger during and after their ordeals. It can help those who have experienced a heartbreaking trauma or stressful experience know that they’re not alone, that others are experiencing the same feelings, the same frustrations. In many ways, it’s like a written support group.”

The relationship advice ebook, which recently hit the bestseller list in the Disaster Relief and Physical Impairment categories on The Kindle, also is available as a pdf file book or for The Nook and other electronic devices at www.indestructiblerelationship.com. It sells for $7.99, with  $1 of every purchase going to The Compassionate Friends, a non-profit organization that helps families who have lost a child. Stressed couples who want free tips on how to reduce arguments and communicate better, also can like The Indestructible Relationship Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/TheIndestructibleRelationship

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