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Students, parents, and teachers learning about fire prevention

By ThisIsReno


Tomorrow, as part of Wildfire Awareness Week, the Reno Fire Department will be visiting Roy Gomm Elementary School educating students, teachers, parents, and volunteers about the importance of fire prevention.

The Reno Fire Department is partnering with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and the U.S. Forest Service for the educational event. Activities will include a fire safety trailer (simulates a real fire situation for students), watching the “Living with Fire” video, and meeting Smokey Bear. (Please note the event is a school function and not open to the public.)

Property owners and residents who take responsibility for clearing dry grass and brush from around each building on their property by providing at least 30-feet of defensible space increase the chance of their home surviving a wildland fire. The more populated and closer a community is to fire prone wildland areas, the greater the need for proactive individual and community involvement in preparing for and preventing unwanted wildland fires.

For information about fire prevention or defensible space contact the Reno Fire Department’s Division of Fire Prevention at (775) 334-2300, and visit the Living with Fire website at www.livingwithfire.info.