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WashoeDEMS opposes governor’s veto of school bond bill



The Democratic Party of Washoe County is disappointed that Gov. Brian Sandoval defied the will of the voters by vetoing a bill that would allow embattled school districts to tap bond reserve funds for construction projects.

“I am shocked that the governor would veto such a good bill,” said Shaun Gray, WashoeDEMS executive director. “This legislation would free up money locked in the education system to rehabilitate Nevada’s aging schools, some in very poor neighborhoods,” Gray added.

“This bill was already a measure that was approved at the ballot box by voters,” said Dorie Guy, WashoeDEMS vice chair. “Not only is the governor going against the Democratic-controlled state senate and assembly, he’s going against the will of the same people who elected him,” added Guy.

Known as the School Works bill, AB 183 would allow school districts to tap bond reserve funds for construction projects to shore up aging schools, such as eliminating open-air hallways, which put children within easy access of sexual predators.

This bill maintains a reserve account for payment of school district bonds designated for construction projects, explained Gray, adding that the bill would also create construction jobs in a state that has the highest unemployment rate in the country.

For more information, call 775.323.8683 or log on www.washoedems.org. Visit the WashoeDEMS on Facebook and Twitter @WashoeDEMS.

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