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Opinion: Goedhart challenges Oceguera



CARSON CITY – Yesterday, Assembly Speaker John Oceguera pulled a partisan political stunt by bringing to the floor of the Assembly, with no advance notice, a resolution calling for Gov. Brian Sandoval to conduct a two-week public interview process for possible appointments to fill the unexpired term of U.S. Sen. John Ensign.

The Speaker’s Assembly Concurrent Resolution 8 (ACR8) “Makes a formal request for the Governor to establish an open, fair and public process to fill the vacancy in the Office of United States Senator.” To which Assemblyman Ed Goedhart (R-Amargosa Valley) released the following statement:

“If Speaker Oceguera is truly interested in open, fair and public government, he could start by leveling with Nevadans and bringing forward his secret plan to raise taxes so it can be considered and debated in the light of day alongside the governor’s budget proposal. To criticize the governor’s plan while hiding his own is nothing short of political cowardice and certainly anything but open, fair or public.

“In addition, if Speaker Oceguera is truly interested in open, fair and public government, he should bring up for a vote ACR6, a resolution requiring ‘that bills be posted on the legislative website for at least 72 hours before vote on passage.’ What’s wrong with letting voters read the bills before they are voted on?

“Alas, it is all too clear that Speaker Oceguera has no desire for open, fair or public government unless it suits his partisan, political agenda. His concurrent resolution isn’t leadership; it’s a crock.”

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