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Sandoval takes action on Tax Department

By ThisIsReno


CARSON CITY–This afternoon, at the request of Governor Brian Sandoval, the Nevada Tax Commission met to hear a report from the Interim Executive Director of the Department of Taxation on the net proceeds of minerals tax. Sandoval asked for an emergency meeting after questions about the status of audits of the net proceeds of minerals tax.

“I am very much looking forward to hearing from the Interim Executive Director about the steps he’s taken to resume field audits of mine operators,” Sandoval said before the meeting. “I expect this will be an informative meeting, and the department will benefit greatly from the advice of the Tax Commission.”

Since Sandoval became aware the department has not regularly conducted mining audits, the following has taken place:

* Sandoval named Chris Nielsen interim executive director of the Department of Taxation and called a meeting of the Executive Branch Audit Committee to discuss a performance audit at Taxation.
* To oversee the net proceeds audit process, Taxation has contracted with former Gaming Control Board Chairman Dennis Neilander due to his years of experience with complex audits of this nature.
* A short-term plan to notify all mining operators to expect an audit in the coming months has been executed and mining operators who will be audited immediately will be notified.
* Existing Taxation staff is being trained on the net proceeds field audit process.
* Gaming Control Board auditors will be assisting with the training and net proceeds audit review, bringing their high level of expertise with complex auditing procedures to aid in this process.
* Internal Audit and Budget Office staff have provided guidance to Nielsen in developing plans.

Sandoval has asked for a preliminary report by the end of April on the mine operator audit process.

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