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Reno Plastic Surgeon receives Certificate of Appreciation from the Centers for Disease Control and the University of Nevada Las Vegas



Dr. Boris Volshteyn

Since last year’s events in Las Vegas, when hundreds of patients received hepatitis C through injections due to the reuse of syringes, the Center for Disease Control and Safe Injection Practices Coalition introduced the One and Only Campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to ensure that the patient is protected each and every time they receive an injection by re-educating both healthcare providers and patients regarding safe injection practices.

The main principle of the campaign is to make sure that every healthcare provider will follow the rule of One Needle, One Syringe, Only One Time standard. The practice of not reusing syringes or needles can significantly decrease the risk of contracting hepatitis and other infections via medical injections. As a result of the Las Vegas incident, Nevada was selected as one of two states to pilot the program, along with New York.

Dr. Boris Volshteyn, a Reno based board certified plastic surgeon and a medical director of Sierra Plastic Surgery , was one of the first facilities in Northern Nevada to participate in the pilot study promoting the safe injection techniques. For his participation in the national project, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Save Injection Practices Coalition, his practice recently received a Certificate of Appreciation Award.

Dr. Boris Volshteyn stated, “Since we currently have the only AAASF approved surgical facility in Northern Nevada, we are very aware of the importance of safe injection techniques and non-reusing of syringes and needles.  Due to the violation of safe injection practices being reported in Las Vegas at the Gastroenterology Center last year, we feel that adherence to the basic principles of safety at our facility is exceedingly important. It is especially significant because of the increased number of cases of hepatitis C, HIV and other severe infections.

The main principles of the program is to increase the awareness of the patients and providers about safe injection practices, empower the patients to participate in their own care and encourage them to make sure that their healthcare provider is also adhering to these principles, as well as increase participation of physician and non-physician providers in the process.

“I’m delighted to be a part all the national pilot program promoting safer injection techniques and would like to thank of the State and the University for their Certificate,” Dr. Boris Volshteyn stated.

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