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OPINION: Repeal of health care bill would hurt millions

By ThisIsReno


As a concerned citizen of Las Vegas, NV, I feel that the repeal on the health care bill is going to hurt millions of people including myself.

My name is Delia, I am 25 years old and have no insurance. I am a full-time employee; however, my employer does not provide any kind of health insurance and because I support myself and my disabled husband I can’t afford insurance

After attending a free Health Check clinic, I was rushed to the emergency room, diagnosed with diabetes and at risk of having a heart attack then given only a month worth of medication. I struggled to find a doctor that could help and was put on waiting lists that would take months to be seen.

Qualifying to be insured due to the new health care bill, I was able to obtain a quick and affordable appointment with a doctor immediately. I am now worried that with the bill being repealed I, along with millions of other people across America, will no longer have the help we so desperately need. I fear my life, and others, will again be in danger due to the poor aid there is in health care today.

Delia Vasquez
Las Vegas

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