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OPINION: Reid’s initiatives move us closer to a cleaner and greener state



Taking advantage of our natural resources such as solar, geothermal and wind is a great idea since we live in a desert state. We can use solar and wind to generate electrical power and geothermal as an alternative to fossil fuels, and help combat climate change. By promoting these resources we can truly help move Nevada to a greener and cleaner state which obviously promotes jobs.

If Sen. Harry Reid continues to “invest in research” there is a good chance we will have more environmentally sustainable projects in the future. I agree with his statement that we must “prepare our children to compete in a global economy” because our children are the future. We can also teach them how to protect our environment by, for example, not throwing trash everywhere because it will make our state dirty. At a young age, they will know how to protect our environment in the future and how to deal with situations regarding their surroundings.

Sen. Reid has promised to help promote Nevada’s environmental priorities in Washington. He has pledged to work with our local officials and private industry to find alternative ways to dispose of the nuclear waste slated for Yucca Mountain. He wants to provide clean water by using “reliable and healthy water supplies.” It is nice to know he is also serious about our agriculture along with the department of agriculture to help our farmers and ranchers on drought and flood problems by “investing in clean energy.” All of these initiatives move us closer to a cleaner and greener state.

Roxanne San Jose
Las Vegas

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