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OPINION: Health care is once again threatened


By Theresa Boucher
Henderson, Nevada

Every day, we see the desperation of families still struggling to access health care. Many workers do not have full-time jobs or the adequate income needed to afford health insurance. There are over 518,000 Nevada residents without insurance coverage, and Nevada has the highest number of uninsured children.

Delia is a 25-year-old working Nevadan without health insurance. After an emergency room visit, she was told she was diabetic and at risk of going into a diabetic coma. She spent several months trying to see a doctor for testing and medication. But now because of the health care reform law, she is on her mother’s insurance plan, scheduled a doctor’s visit within one week and has finally accessed the care she desperately needed. Now her health care is once again threatened…..

Health care reform is a solid place to start to address serious problems by finding a cost-effective way of investing in our nation’s future. A vote is about to take place to repeal health care reform. Please, for your family, and for people like Delia, contact your representatives and urge them to make health care a top priority and to ensure access to health care for all of Nevada’s Citizens.

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