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Governor to reduce state employee salaries, elminate furloughs


Governor Brian Sandoval just sent the following email to all state employees:


January 12, 2011

Dear Fellow State Employee:

I am writing to you today because I want to begin our working relationship with open, honest communication. As you know, the State Budget must be submitted in a matter of days. You are among the first Nevadans to be impacted by the decisions I have made in preparing that budget, and I believe it is important that you be the first to know about proposals that impact you: My budget includes a 5-percent across-the-board salary reduction for state employees instead of continuing the 4.6-percent reduction that came with the furlough program. We must also continue the suspension of merit and longevity pay.

In my meetings with Cabinet officers, I heard consistently that the furloughs are difficult to manage. They result in poor customer service and leave employees with unfinished work that awaits their return after a furlough day. While the 5-percent reduction represents more of a sacrifice than the 4.6-percent, I am hopeful there is a trade-off in workload management.

I regret that my first communication with you is to deliver news of this kind. No one welcomes a pay cut, including me. But you have my pledge that my staff and I will take the same 5-percent reduction you will be asked to take. In addition to taking the same cut you do, I have refused a statutory increase in my salary schedule to be implemented this year.

I have had the opportunity to meet many of you personally since taking my oath of office last week. You have expressed a willingness to continue to make sacrifices — provided others make them as well. I believe this is the right course. I admire your service to our state and appreciate your willingness to work through these lean years.


Brian Sandoval

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