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Education Alliance releases “Crises in Nevada: Education and the Economy” report


Group working to educate legislators and business leaders on the impact of education on the economy


As Nevada prepares for a historic and critically important legislative session, the Education Alliance of Washoe County has released “Crises in Nevada: Education and the Economy,” a comprehensive white paper detailing the impact education has on the state’s economy.  The paper compiles data from a number of nationally-recognized business and research organizations to illustrate the direct link between the current state of Nevada’s education system and key economic factors, such as business development, workforce development and quality of life.  Over the next month, the group will present the white paper to legislators, media outlets and business leaders around the state in an all-out effort to remind them that education funding and concurrent accountability need their support as difficult policy decisions are made over the next several months.

“I think, generally, the public understands the importance of having a quality education system,” said Jim Pfrommer, CPA, partner at Pfrommer and McCune and current Education Alliance board president. “However, we believe that education isn’t just an important part of a community’s quality of life and economic prosperity. Education is the foundation on which most economic development models are predicated and the data contained in this paper supports that.”

As outlined in the white paper, national data shows that a strong K-12 education improves workforce and productivity, elevates home values, increases personal income and reduces social costs. A recent report by CNBC on America’s Top States for Business in 2010 showed that Nevada invests less and achieves less in education and also produces fewer degrees.   The report ranks Nevada #47 as best place to do business.

The 45-page white paper also outlines a vision for Nevada’s economic future, examining the current state of Nevada’s economy and its educational system. More importantly, it suggests solutions, including proposed funding initiatives that should be immediately implemented. Education Alliance also calls for establishing aggressive educational performance targets for all Nevada’s educational institutions and holding them accountable with a predetermined time frame to achieve specific goals.

“The public knows Nevada is in critical care and we believe a big change has to happen within our educational system to jumpstart our economy,” said Denise Hedrick, executive director for the Education Alliance. “We also believe you can’t overcome challenges without concrete solutions which is why the Alliance provided such a comprehensive paper.”

To download “Crises in Nevada: Education and the Economy,” please visit www.ed-alliance.org/publications/.

The Education Alliance is made up, primarily, of business and community leaders as well as representatives from the education community.  The group is focused on improving the education of all students, from kindergarten through college, by supporting programs focused on improving academic achievement, community partnerships, and workforce development.

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