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Krolicki announces book honoring Nevada veterans



CARSON CITY–Lt. Gov. Brian K. Krolicki announced the launch of Battle Born: Nevada War Stories, a compilation of stories of 35 Nevadans who are veterans of the Global War on Terrorism. These extraordinary soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have bravely defended our country since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. The book details their personal stories as they interpret and remember them, and are told in an oral history format.

“Nevadans who have not been deployed can share in the pain, the frustration and the heartache, and even the camaraderie and the joy, that so many of our service members experienced,” Krolicki said. “These interviews aimed to be respectful and apolitical from the outset, and I am proud to say that this goal was easily achieved by simply allowing these Nevadans to tell their stories as they wished.”

Battle Born attracted a broad group of participants with diverse backgrounds in their personal, military and combat experiences. Those interviewed included junior and senior enlisted service members, as well as the whole array of the officer corps–generals who led whole armies and sergeants who did the heavy lifting on the front lines, Special Forces operatives who shared as much of their stories as they could, and support officers, noncommissioned officers and enlisted service members who made sure that the combat forces were well equipped and well supplied to fight, often fighting in the war themselves.

There are also interviews with those who made great sacrifices for their country, sometimes even enduring the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom through the loss of loved ones, yet continuing to serve themselves.

Battle Born: Nevada War Stories can be purchased only through Amazon.com, and every dollar raised through the purchase of these books will go directly to the Nevada Military Support Alliance, an organization dedicated to organizing and inspiring broad community support to meet the needs of Nevada’s service members and veterans.

“Through this book, we hope to convey the deep pride and appreciation of a grateful state for all of our veterans–past, present and future,” Krolick said.

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