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Secretary Salazar announces new appointments to BLM Resource Advisory Councils


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Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced the appointment of 13 new members and four re-appointments to Nevada’s three citizen-based Resource Advisory Councils (RACs), which advise the Bureau of Land Management on public land issues. The RAC members represent diverse interests and backgrounds.

“The BLM’s Resource Advisory Councils exemplify the collaborative approach taken by the BLM in handling public land issues,” said Secretary Salazar.  “I want to welcome our newly appointed RAC members and salute them for their commitment to public service.  Their counsel will serve the BLM well as the agency works to ensure the health and productivity of America’s great outdoors.”

The RACs, composed of citizens chosen for their expertise in natural resource issues, help the BLM carry out its stewardship of 245 million acres – the largest land portfolio of any Federal agency.  The BLM has established 28 RACs across the West, where most BLM-managed land is located.  Each RAC consists of 10 to 15 members with an interest in public land management, such as conservationists, outdoor recreationists, ranchers, Tribal officials, state and local government officials, academics, and others.

BLM Director Bob Abbey said, “RAC members represent a variety of professional backgrounds and perspectives, and together bring a balanced outlook that the BLM needs in managing the public lands for multiple uses.”

The BLM, an agency of the Interior Department, is responsible for managing these various uses – such as outdoor recreation, livestock grazing, mineral development, and energy production – while conserving the land’s natural, historical, and cultural resources.

Below are the newly appointed and reappointed members of Nevada RACs.  Information about upcoming RAC meetings will be announced as soon as it becomes available.

Mojave-Southern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council

Mary Jane Feldman (new member)                                         Environmental
Edward Paul Weber (new member)                                        Academic

Elise McAllister (reappointed)                                                Dispersed Recreation
Edwin Higbee (reappointed)                                                  Federal Grazing
Joni Eastley (reappointed)                                                      Elected Official

Northeastern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council

Jacob Carter (new member)                                                    Federal Grazing
John Michael Prier (new member)                                          Environmental
Bruce Paul Holmgren (new member)                                      State Agency
William Wolf (new member)                                                  Public-at-Large
Laurie Carson (new member)                                                  Elected Official

Sierra Front-Northwestern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council

Deborah Ann Lassiter (new member)                                     Energy/Minerals
Matthew Gingerich (new member)                                         Transportation/ROW
David Von Seggern (new member)                                        Environmental
Thomas Craig Burton (new member)                                      Native American Tribes
Mark Thomas Freese (new member)                                       State Agency
James Lee Billingsley (new member)                                      Elected Official
Chuck Matton (reappointed)                                                  Wild Horses & Burros

For a complete list of all BLM Nevada RAC members, go to www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/res/resource_advisory.html.

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