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LV assemblyman commends FBI for crackdown on child trafficking and prostitution



Assemblyman John Hambrick commends the work of the FBI for cracking down on child trafficking and prostitution in Las Vegas and calls on our legal system to impose the harshest penalties for these crimes.

As part of a three-day sweep, the FBI cracked down on child trafficking and prostitution nationwide, identifying more than 60 children and 99 pimps. One child was located in Las Vegas, bringing the count to 99 children identified in the last year. Hambrick has been an outspoken advocate for protecting our children and increasing the penalties for these crimes.

“This is a huge milestone, but it just goes to show how much a problem child trafficking and prostitution is in our state and country,” said Hambrick. “We need to continue to strengthen our laws and impose the harshest penalties for these crimes to protect the most vulnerable members of our community from the horrendous crimes of child trafficking and prostitution.”

During the 2009 Nevada Legislature, Hambrick authored legislation that now allows the court to impose substantial fines of up to $500,000 on any person convicted of pandering or of prostitution of a child. The law designates that 100 percent of the money will go to help the victims of such crimes. Because of Hambrick’s hard work, the very criminals who prey on our youth will now be funding the programs to help get them off the street.

“I don’t want one more child to fall through the cracks,” Hambrick said. “It’s time we build upon this success to make real changes to protect our children.”

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