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Opinion: Remember when? Sandoval lied about signing pledges

By ThisIsReno


Brian Sandoval told Nevadans for months that he was working on a plan the balance the state budget. But he was lying. Early vote is here, and Sandoval has offered no plan to balance the state budget, despite his repeated public promises.

That’s just how it goes for Sandoval. He’ll tell you anything he thinks you want to hear.

Like when Brian Sandoval told the media he has a strict policy of not signing pledges.

Only it was shortly proven Brian Sandoval has signed pledges. Specifically, in 2002 he signed the Marriage Protection Pledge, which said that he would not support domestic partnerships for same-sex couples.

It’s just another example of Sandoval lying. And it’s another example of Sandoval breaking his promise, since these days he’ll tell folks he supports the rights granted to same-sex couples by the historic AB 283.

“Brian Sandoval has spent this campaign lying to voters and refusing to tell them what he would do as governor,” said Mike Trask, spokesman for Rory 2010. “He promised multiple times that he was working on a budget plan. But he wasn’t. It’s like a child claiming to be doing his homework and instead breaking out the Playstation for a little Madden football. Brian can’t even tell the truth about pledges.”

Rory Reid is the only candidate for governor to offer solutions for today and a plan for Nevada’s future success – supporting strong schools for a stronger economy. For more information about his campaign or to download his plans, visit Rory2010.com.


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