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Opinion: Gammick grandchildren case shows weakness of DA child support efforts (w/video)

By ThisIsReno


Rebecca Roy, a Washoe County mother and the mother of Dick Gammick’s grandchildren, has come out against District Attorney Dick Gammick’s poor child support enforcement performance.

Roy says the father of her children, Richard Gammick, Jr. (aka Rick), is more than $15,000 behind in child support payments (anything over $10,000 is a felony) and his father, Dick Gammick, took the case into the DA’s office. After four months of no response, Roy questioned the DA’s ethics and asked her case be transferred to a different agency. The DA then allegedly threatened her, telling her that if she publicly complained he would make sure her case never saw the light of day and that she would never see a dime of child support. This brave mother decided to write a 60-second video exposing Gammick’s behavior.

The video explains Roy’s situation and her experience with Gammick and his office. She notes that while her ex-husband continues to be protected by his father, she struggles with everyday life supporting two children. She concludes by arguing:

“My children can’t afford for their grandfather, Dick Gammick, to be re-elected, can yours?”

The Roger Whomes campaign has consistently argued that Washoe County’s child support enforcement efforts need to be improved (Nevada is near the bottom of the rankings when it comes to getting kids their much-needed child support). Gammick’s response to Nevada’s rank: “I just don’t see how that’s a bad record.”

Although Roy’s situation is unique because of her relationship to the district attorney, the story of a single parent struggling in Washoe County to get child support owed is not. It is time for a change in the district attorney’s office; it is time for Roger Whomes.

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