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Opinion: Gammick doesn’t trust voters, they shouldn’t trust him



Throughout this campaign District Attorney Dick Gammick has consistently proved he doesn’t think the voters are smart enough to choose their own DA. He has told the voters they will just have to “wait and see” if he’ll serve a full term, and now he has endorsed the idea that voters shouldn’t choose their DA at all.

On a recent episode of Nevada Newmakers, Gammick stated that the position of DA should be appointed because “it really disrupts the office and it disrupts what you’re doing when you have to go through these election cycles….I think we need to look at that real hard and see about professional people in the law and the appointment process” (quote is at 13:15).

Why shouldn’t voters choose their DA? In Gammick’s opinion, “I’m not so sure this is a leader position.”

This matches Gammick’s previous comments indicating that he doesn’t trust voters to choose the right district attorney:

  • Washoe County Bar Association Debate: Will have to “wait and see” if he serves full terms or hands position to unelected individual.

  • Marilyn York Show: He has been grooming his assistant John Helzer and has a line of succession planned after him.
  • Bristlecone Forum: “It might be better than I’m here and Mr. Gammick is not”–John Helzer, Mr. Gammick’s assistant.

Time and time again, Gammick has made it clear that he just doesn’t think the voters have a right to choose their district attorney. Roger Whomes believes that it is important for the voters to select their local top law enforcement officials.  The DA’s office is supposed to reflect the values of the community, and that is best achieved through regular elections.

Whomes is the only candidate for district attorney who is committed to serving a full term and letting the voters choose. Dick Gammick doesn’t trust voters, and voters shouldn’t trust him.

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