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Opinion: Brian Sandoval fails voters, Nevada



Early voting began Saturday, and Nevadans cast the first ballots in the 2010 race for governor. They did so never having learned what exactly Brian Sandoval will do to balance the state budget or address the many other challenges the state faces.

For months, Sandoval promised he was working hard to produce a plan to balance the state budget. But the deadline passed with nary a peep from the Sandoval campaign.

Sandoval does not have any plan or any idea what he would do as governor – likely because it hasn’t been written for him yet. He’s offered no ideas to help out-of-work Nevadans or diversify Nevada’s economy. He’s offered no vision for the future of the state.

“It’s outrageous that Brian Sandoval outright lied about his plans for the state,” said Mike Trask, spokesman for Rory 2010. “He’s been promising voters a budget plan for months and now he’s simply not going to deliver.”

Sandoval has also offered no plans to create jobs. He’s offered no ideas to diversify Nevada’s economy. His “plan” for our children? Sandoval wants to take $533 million from their schools.

“It’s truly a shame that Brian Sandoval doesn’t believe Nevadans have the right to know what he would do as governor,” Trask said. “He’s taken the Jim Gibbons tack of saying nothing and doing nothing. Nevadans now know Brian Sandoval’s word means nothing.

Rory Reid is the only candidate for governor to offer solutions for today and a plan for Nevada’s future success – supporting strong schools for a stronger economy. For more information about his campaign or to download his plans, visit Rory2010.com.

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