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Harry Reid opens new control tower, talks up 140 jobs



harryreid1-150x150-4304325-9307458Sen. Harry Reid joined officials yesterday from the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority, the Nevada National Guard and Reno Mayor Bob Cashell in opening a new state-of-the-art air traffic control tower that was constructed using federal money secured by Reid.

The new tower is three times as high as the existing tower and provides an enhanced view of the airfield and the terminal gates. The nearly $30 million tower replaces a much older tower build in 1957. The project hired out to 17 contractors and created 140 local jobs.

Below are Reid’s prepared remarks:

“When this airport’s old control tower was built, Dwight Eisenhower was in the White House, the Dodgers were in Brooklyn and Reno was a sleepy community on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. In the half century since, this area’s population has more than tripled. So it’s fitting and it’s about time that today we open a control tower three times as tall.

“This new tower doesn’t just reach new, literal heights; it represents the height of transportation technology. Our state’s newest structure is state-of-the-art, and we’re arming Reno with the latest aviation equipment out there today. That means the four million passengers who will fly into and out of here every year will travel more safely and efficiently than ever before. This airport connects Nevada, the West and the nation with all that Reno has to offer. This addition makes Reno-Tahoe International a world-class airport to match Reno and Tahoe’s world-class gaming, resorts, ski slopes, business and nature.

“It couldn’t come at a more important moment. The 140 construction jobs this project created are a small sample of the jobs we’re creating all over the state to enhance transportation, improve our infrastructure and get Nevada’s economy back on its feet. And as it keeps passengers safe, the control tower will also keep our country safer. The Nevada Air National Guard is based on these grounds. Giving them 21st-century technology to fight our 21st-century wars is one of our most important responsibilities.

“Air traffic controllers have some of the most stressful jobs in the world. But the men and women who guide our planes from up there are a lucky crew. The top of this tower affords one of the most beautiful views in all of Nevada.

“When you look out from the cab you can see, of course, the entire airport, airfield and all the aircraft coming and going. It also offers a stunning panoramic view of the skyline and the Sierra and thanks to Sunday night’s snowfall, the view is now of a beautifully snow-capped mountain range.

“From down here, the view is just as inspiring. When we look up at this new soaring new tower, we can see Reno’s future on the approach. With projects like this, Reno’s recovery will soon come in for a landing.”

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