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Opinion: Rory Reid–Lobbyist forgot to check resume, attacks self



Democrat gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid has previewed his next desperate attack, attempting to slam Brian Sandoval for knowing lobbyists.

But Reid was a lobbyist himself.

“His [Rory Reid’s] clients include PG&E National Energy Group, the electricity generating division of Pacific Gas & Electric, and Placer Dome America.” (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 02/07/01)

“The mining firm Placer Dome Inc. began paying the Lionel Sawyer law firm $5,000 a month in 2001 to be its ‘eyes and ears’ in Nevada and sought out Rory Reid’s services, said Placer Dome Vice President Joe Danni.” (Los Angeles Times, 06/23/03)

Reid was proud to be a lobbyist.

“‘I don’t think (being a lobbyist) presents a problem,’ he said. ‘I believe in the clients I represent. I will do what I can to help the party, and I believe in the issues I am lobbying on. Lobbyists are part of the process.'” (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 02/07/01)

And should we not forget that Reid was the deciding vote to make his campaign manager the taxpayer funded lobbyist for Clark County. (Las Vegas Sun, 06/03/08)

Reid works for a lobbying firm.

At Lionel Sawyer & Collins, it’s Reid who is a member of “Nevada’s powerhouse legal firm” (LV Business Press, 04/28/10)

Reid and his firm list their client interests on their own website. In fact, it’s Reid whose firm includes clients of banking and financial institutions, energy and insurance companies and public utilities.

And they make a big deal out of it. “Lionel Sawyer & Collins has achieved a preeminent position in the State of Nevada” (Lionel Sawyer & Collins website “About the Firm,” accessed 09/15/10).

“While it’s ironic that Rory Reid’s first fall attack is false and hypocritical, it’s not terribly surprising from his campaign,” Sandoval communications director Mary-Sarah Kinner said.

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