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Opinion: Rory Reid acting out of desperation



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If you turned on your TV at all this week, you almost couldn’t miss one of the Rory Reid’s long-awaited attack ads. Neither did the media.

Here’s what they are saying about Rory’s latest act of desperation. They’ve called Reid out for his blatantly false smear ads:

“Rarely has an ad campaign provided so much fodder
by being so false…”

“…so slimy…” 1

“Almost nothing about this is right.” 1

“misleading editing by Team Rory…” 1

“Reid edited Sandoval’s interview…” 1

“totally out of bounds” 1

“TV host: Rory, tear down this ad” 2

“…it cuts and moves clips of Sandoval to make it appear as if he said
something different from his original statement.”

“…’outrageous.'” 3

“‘If you watch the entire clip, it reveals something different than they inferred.'” 3

While the media is calling out the Reid Attack Machine for their false attacks, not everyone reads paper or watches the evening news. That’s why we your help today to fight back.

Will you help us get the word out about Rory Reid’s false attacks?

Our campaign is not letting the Reid Attack machine get away with their deception. That’s why we’ve responded, swiftly and firmly, to every one of their lies and distortions of the truth.

With early voting starting in just 24 days, we can’t afford to waste one minute in responding to each and every one of Reid’s false attacks. Your timely support is more critical than ever!

Please contribute $20 or more today to beat the Reid Attack Machine.

Thank you for standing strong with us in the fight to bring fundamental change to our education system, reduce the size of our state government, cut wasteful spending, and get Nevada back to work.

On to victory,

Team Sandoval

P.S. Have you seen our ad responding to Reid’s false attacks yet? Please watch our new ad and then share it with your friends on Facebook.

1 Jon Ralston, “The fallout from Rory Reid’s attack,” Las Vegas Sun, September 22, 2010
2 Benjamin Spillman, “TV host: Rory, tear down this ad,” Las Vegas Review-Journal’s The Political Eye blog, September 21, 2010
3 David McGrath Schwartz, “Rory Reid ad edits Brian Sandoval interview,” Las Vegas Sun, September 22, 2010

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