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Opinion: Gammick tells voters to “wait and see” if he will serve full fifth term (w/video)



District Attorney Dick Gammick told voters at a debate last week that they would have to “wait and see” if he would serve his entire fifth term if re-elected. When asked by the moderator if it was his intent to serve a full term if re-elected or pass off the position to his assistant DA without an election, Gammick stated “I’ll just have to wait and see. I am getting older thank goodness, the alternative is not real good and I’ll have to wait and see how everything goes. I can’t guarantee I’m going to be around in four years.”

During an appearance on the Marilyn York show on September 11, he again confirmed that leaving early in order to install his assistant into the position without having to face an election was a likely option, that he has been grooming his assistant to take over for years and that he has an entire line of succession planned out.

This is yet another example of how Gammick has forgotten that the DA’s office should be the people’s office. It is important for the citizens of Washoe County to have faith and confidence in their district attorney. Our republican form of government ensures that the people are permitted to choose their leaders. Gammick’s intent to bow out early and hand his position to an un-elected individual undermines our system of government and the voters of Washoe County.

Roger Whomes is committed to serving the entire four-year term if elected and will never forget that the DA’s office is the people’s office. He understands that in order to implement his plan for toughness with integrity, fiscal responsibility and improved community outreach, the voter’s right to choose must be protected.

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