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Opinion: DA should ‘care about the rest of the law’ (w/video)

By ThisIsReno


District Attorney Dick Gammick told voters recently on the Marilyn York show that he went to law school to become a prosecutor and doesn’t care about “the rest of the law.”

The district attorney’s office handles both civil and criminal matters for Washoe County, and having a DA that does not care about an entire half of his job is unacceptable. This lack of care has resulted in Gammick’s continued poor performance on civil matters for the county, costing taxpayers millions of dollars and leaving many single parents without the child support they are owed. Gammick’s quote is featured in this video:

Roger Whomes cares about the entire law. He is the only candidate with civil and criminal law experience and public and private sector experience. Whomes’ civil and private sector experience will bring a new dedication to civil matters in the Washoe County District Attorney’s office, resulting in savings for the taxpayers and improved child support enforcement for our kids. Washoe County deserves someone who cares about the entire law. It is time to elect Roger Whomes.

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