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Statement from Angle campaign about potential debate



angle1-9356586-7003342Sharron Angle spokesman Jerry Stacy issued a statement about a potential debate between Sharron and Harry Reid:

“Every voter deserves to see a fair and open debate prior to the start of voting. Senator Reid’s own DC office sets the date for recess, and Senator Reid’s own DC office has scheduled the session to end before early voting begins. If the majority leader wanted to come back to his home state to debate, then he has the power to do so. Senator Reid has continued to stonewall the negotiating process so that no debates could be held before early voting begins, because his handlers are certain that the sooner he debates the more damage he will bring on himself. Senator Reid was not willing to debate his Republican opponent six years ago, and clearly he is trying to circumvent the process again because he is afraid to take responsibility of his disastrous record as majority leader and face his opponent. Harry Reid’s campaign strategy is to hide behind a $25 million dollar war chest filled with special-interest money that he uses to smear his opponent. This is an enormous disservice to his constituents who deserve to know where the candidates stand on the real issues before the voters have gone to the polls. We can only hope that Senator Reid and his campaign will come to their senses and allow Nevadans to see a debate before they vote.”

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