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New Angle ad: Reid wipes out homeowners (w/video)

By ThisIsReno


Today the Angle for Senate campaign released a new television ad entitled, “Wipeout,” calculating the decline in Nevada property values during Harry Reid’s tenure as majority leader. The ad details the recent 50 percent drop in home values while Reid has been in office and how that has hurt Nevada voters.

“Harry Reid wants to run away from his record, but the numbers don’t lie. Reid’s disastrous economic policies have wiped out home values in Nevada and left countless voters without their retirement savings,” said Angle spokesman Jerry Stacy. “The harsh reality is that Nevada home owners simply can’t afford another term of Harry Reid.”

The television ad begins airing today.


Angle: I’m Sharron Angle, and I approve this message.

Narrator: What you are looking at is what has happened to property values in Nevada since Harry Reid became senate majority leader. They’ve fallen over 50 percent. That means if your home was worth $300,000 before, now thanks to Harry Reid’s disastrous economic policies, you’ve lost over $150,000…wiping out people’s retirement savings overnight. Harry Reid…the only thing he’s delivered for Nevada…is hardship.

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