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Sharron Angle has new TV ad



angle1-7890449-5355583The Angle for Senate campaign has released a new television ad entitled, “Right Here, Right Now,” showing Sharron Angle in a town hall meeting talking to seniors about the issues facing Nevada. The ad is Angle’s first introduction to Nevada voters for the general election.

“Harry Reid has been congesting the airwaves with personal attacks against Sharron Angle for more than a month. It’s time voters got to know the real Sharron Angle. We are confident that once the voters see who Sharron really is, Reid’s days in office are numbered,” said Jerry Stacy, a spokesman for Angle.

Within 48 hours of Sharron Angle’s victory in the Republican primary, Harry Reid took to the airwaves with a barrage of dishonest ads smearing Sharron Angle’s character in an attempt to hide his own record, according to Stacy.

“Make no mistake–this election is about Harry Reid and how his policies have destroyed Nevada’s economy. Harry Reid might as well get used to it, because we’re just getting started,” Stacy said.


We have a fearful society right now.

What Americans are afraid of is that what we’re going to be passing down to our children is not liberty and freedom, but debt and deficits.

That’s why you and I have an opportunity–right now–to change the direction of our country.

Government is not the solution to the problem–Government is the problem.

We the people are the solution.

I’m Sharron Angle, and I approve this message.

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