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Sharron Angle economics video

By ThisIsReno


SHARRON ANGLE: Harry Reid has vilified, demonized and said look here, look there, everywhere, but what the real issue is. Of course the real issue is we’re at 14.2 percent unemployment. That we have the highest foreclosure rate in the nation and we have the highest rate of bankruptcy. People in Nevada want to know what about our jobs? What about staying in our homes? They know the direction we’re going is absolutely the wrong direction. For a year and a half we having been going in this direction and as you pointed out, those policies have done nothing but failed. Harry Reid has failed.

TOBIN SMITH: We saw some of the ads that your competitor has used against you. Have you got some ads to go after Mr. Reid?

SHARRON ANGLE: Well certainly. We put up our first ad last week and now we are going up with two more tomorrow. We intend to meet him toe to toe but we are not going to go after him on the personal side things that he likes to bring in and demonize. We are going right for those issues, the places where people are so concerned and that is of course jobs and the economy.

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