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Sandoval releases education plan

By ThisIsReno


Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval has released his education plan, a results-oriented plan which improves the quality of education in Nevada through accountability, flexibility and getting back to basics.

“The education system in Nevada does not measure up and is not providing all our children with the world class education they deserve,” Sandoval said. “With our graduation rates the lowest in the nation, it’s time to get serious about reform and challenge the status quo.”

Sandoval’s plan, which can be viewed here, is fully paid for. Sandoval’s plan does not lay off a single teacher, ends the social promotion of Nevada’s children, ends teacher tenure and aims to increase student graduation rates.

“It’s time for a fundamental change from the ground up and the top down,” Sandoval added. “We must fight for our kids with focused accountability, real consequences, expanded opportunities for choice and more local control over funding. This is my commitment to every parent. You deserve nothing less.”

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