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PLAN and allies to promote the vote on day Arizona immigration law goes into effect



The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, the Common Roots Collaborative and allies have joined forces to build voter power in Latino neighborhoods of northern Nevada.

The campaign, “Tu Voto Cuenta/Your Vote Counts,” will begin with a press conference at Así es mi Tierra Restaurant, 1020 South Wells Avenue, this Thursday, July 29, at noon. Following the press conference, volunteers will canvass the Wells Avenue area to register voters, collect pledge cards to vote and talk to neighbors about the most important issues facing Nevada’s Latino families.

“Tu Voto Cuenta/Your Vote Counts” coincides with the day Arizona’s SB1070 takes effect. The law would criminalize undocumented immigrants not in possession of an “alien registration” document, require police to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are undocumented immigrants, prosecute those who knowingly harbor them and allow people to sue for non-compliance.

“The sleeping giant is awake,” said Elvira Diaz, PLAN volunteer and organizer of the campaign. “Latinos know the power of our vote is a responsibility and a privilege. We are organizing to reject laws like SB1070 in Nevada and prove that Latinos and other minorities will have a voice in the November elections.”

Bob Fulkerson, director of PLAN, said, “The implementation of SB 1070 brings us one step closer to the most odious features of the Soviet Union and apartheid-era South Africa. We who love democracy must fight back.”

“We call on Congress and the Obama Administration to pass immigration reform that provides all immigrants with full civil rights and a humane pathway to citizenship, and an end to racial profiling, raids, mass detentions, deportations and government programs that criminalize immigrants,” said PLAN volunteer Xiomara Rodriguez.

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