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Opinion: Who knew Nevada unemployment could get worse than last place?



angle1-7537884-5168196Fresh off the news that Nevada overtook Michigan for the highest unemployment rate in America, new unemployment numbers were released yesterday showing that last place just sunk a little lower. Unemployment in Nevada hit 14.2 percent, a record high despite the passage of Majority Leader Harry Reid’s $787 billion stimulus package that was rammed through the Senate 18 months ago.

U.S Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle said, “Harry Reid likes to brag that ‘no one can do more,’ and if you’re one of the small businesses feeling besieged by this current economic climate or one of the nearly 200,000 Nevadans struggling to find a job, these new unemployment numbers serve as a reminder that the state can’t afford six more years of Harry Reid.”

“Today’s jobs numbers highlight a stark reality for Nevadans, that despite the ‘influence’ of a hometown Senate Majority Leader, Nevada economy worsens even further under Harry Reid’s failed policies,” said Angle spokesman Jerry Stacy. “More people are out of jobs even as Reid brags of the effectiveness of the stimulus and other government spending programs, and more of the same isn’t going to help Nevada. Our state needs new ideas and a new Senator who will fight to create an environment where we can get people working again. Nevada needs Sharron Angle.”

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