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Opinion: Reid exhibits irregularity on aiding jobless situation he created



angle1-4741816-8344643On a day when Nevadans are losing more jobs and more homes and filing for bankruptcies in record high numbers, Harry Reid proved once again why his irregularity on fiscal matters continues to sink the country deeper.

“Today, Senator Harry Reid moved forward on an unemployment extension bill, which Republicans have always supported, but it was done in an irresponsible manner that tacks $34 billion onto our swelling national debt. Instead of cooperating with Republicans and paying for these benefits with unused ‘stimulus’ dollars, Reid shamefully decided to leverage the 193,000 unemployed Nevadans for his own political gain,” said Jerry Stacy, a spokesman for U.S. Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle.

Stacy said that Reid’s tactics were appalling and unnecessary.

“Money was already available and ready to use for the record number of unemployed Nevadans who have been suffering under Reid’s failed policies. Eight months ago Senator Reid would have agreed with Republicans and voted to extend these unemployment benefits without adding to the national debt, but instead the 28-year incumbent Senator saw another opportunity to play politics with Nevada’s record unemployment rate. It’s time to put political games aside, return to fiscal responsibility, and begin reducing unemployment with policies that encourage small businesses to grow and prosper. It’s time to elect Sharron Angle,” Stacy concluded.

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