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Opinion: ‘Race to the Top’ result another sign of Nevada’s broken education system



roryreid-150x150-6853465-9013961Today’s announcement that Nevada’s application was not among the finalists for federal education funds under “Race to the Top” is another symptom of the state’s failure to adequately address education. During his term in office Governor Jim Gibbons cut more than $300 million from education and watched as 60,000 students dropped out of school. Republican candidate Brian Sandoval promises more cuts to education, and more of the same.

With a worst-in-the nation graduation rate and poor statistics in nearly every category, it is clear that Nevada’s education system is in need of a complete overhaul. That’s why Rory Reid is focusing on creating strong schools for a stronger economy.

Today’s announcement is also the latest example of Gibbons squandering the opportunity to bring federal funds into the state for the benefit of our struggling economy.

“Governor Gibbons’ failure to take early steps to address education has cost us again,” said Reid. “While it was gratifying to see leaders in business, education and all sectors of the community come together to address the ‘Race to the Top’ application, their efforts were hampered by the governor’s failure to show leadership and to act. He should have appointed this committee on the first day of his term and not waited until the 11th hour.”

Reid’s EDGE plan is designed to fundamentally transform Nevada’s education system by eliminating bureaucracy and affording principals and teachers the freedom to innovate and to lead. The plan gives every school, in every community across the state the opportunity to succeed. Reid’s plan would make Nevada a leader in education reform, putting our state in a better position to attract and benefit from federal funding opportunities.

“It’s clear that years of neglect have taken their toll on our education system,” said Reid, “and we simply cannot accept more of the same. To change our economy, create jobs and attract new industries, we must transform education in Nevada.”

Rory Reid is the only candidate for governor to offer solutions for today and a plan for Nevada’s future success–supporting strong schools for a stronger economy. For more information about his campaign or to download his plans, visit Rory2010.com.

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