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Opinion: ‘More’ equals less—Nevada listed as 49th worst economy in nation



angle1-5521472-9953631Fresh off a relaxing weekend at a Canadian resort raising money with trial lawyers, U.S. Majority Leader Harry Reid was hit with some sobering news upon his return this week.

According to a recently released CNBC report, the state of Nevada was ranked as having the 49th worst economy in America. The news came out even as “No One Can Do More” Harry Reid was actively running campaign ads boasting of his ability to deliver for Nevada.

“This latest ranking comes as a blow to the people of Nevada who are struggling to get out from under the highest unemployment rate, foreclosure rate and bankruptcy rate in the nation,” said Jerry Stacy, a spokesperson for U.S. Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle.

“Nevada has the worst job market in the country and Harry Reid is bragging about how great things are here in the state, claiming ‘no one can do more.’ Sadly, Reid’s ‘more’ big-government proposals have vaporized us; Reid’s tenure as majority leader furthered the destruction of our economy by giving us ‘more’ taxes, ‘more’ deficit spending and ‘more’ debt, and Nevada suffered the brunt of it,” Stacy explained.

“We certainly cannot afford six ‘more’ years of Harry Reid’s failed economic policies,” Stacy continued. “Nevada needs fresh leadership–Nevada needs a leader like Sharron Angle, somebody who will work to encourage real growth, not stifle it.”

Read the study at www.cnbc.com/id/37516038.

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