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Harry Reid: Nevada small businesses deserve support, not Republican delay tactics



harryreid1-150x150-6206056-4327107WASHINGTON, D.C.–Sen. Harry Reid released the following statement this afternoon in reaction to Republican efforts to delay progress on small business jobs legislation that Democrats are fighting for:

“Every day Nevada small businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. And while Democrats are fighting to give them the support they need, Republicans are pulling out all the stops to block assistance to our small business community.

“I do not understand how Republicans can turn this into a partisan issue. What we are simply trying to do is pass a bipartisan bill that will help small business owners create jobs. We went to great lengths to address what Republicans claimed were their concerns. We agreed to take out the provision dealing with agriculture-related disasters, and we agreed to a number of amendments they wanted. But what is becoming clearer with each passing day is that Republicans have one objective: grind our work to a halt, even if it means more suffering and hardship for the middle-class families and small businesses who are still struggling to recover.

“Republicans need to stop betting on failure and get serious about putting our economy back where it needs to be. Democrats will not rest until America’s small businesses get the support they deserve.”

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